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MKT GENERALTRADING LLC earlier part of 40 years old MOHIDEEN group. During the initial growth period itself, the company was able to establish a good and strong working relationship with its principal suppliers, clients and most importantly our customers by maintaining a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect.

MKT GENERAL TRADING LLC was organized in such a way that it is exposed to the emerging product and services and thereby enabling itself to face the new business challenges by not forgetting the primary objective i.e. maximum satisfaction to the customers and clients.


  • MKT GENERALTRADING LLC has been able to maintain high proficiency and was also able to render professional services with the help of its highly trained and professional group of employees. We believe in Teamwork.

  • MKT GENERALTRADING LLC has been successful as a one stop shop to serve the FMCG business to business market, Ship chandlers, Hotels, Supermarkets, Catering companies in the U.A.E as well as Export Market and also have high level of specializing in its areas of business.


Business Form LLC
Activity General Trading
Products Soaps, Shampoos, Oral Care, Detergents, Cosmetics, Canned Food Products, Oil, Sugar, Beverages and all other CONSUMER GOODS.
Registered Address #01, Al Jazeera Hotel Bldg, Al Ras, P.o.Box: 49322. Dubai. U.A.E
Official Website www.mktgroup.ae